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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I be notified?

We will contact you via mail, so please make sure we have your current address. If our attempts to contact you via mail are returned by the post office, you will be removed from the waiting list.

How long is the wait?

The wait varies per program and there are too many factors to determine exactly how long it will take before your name comes to the top of the list. Please make sure your information is accurate with us by filling out an "Applicant Update Form" if anything changes.

What if I move or need to make changes to my application?

Please make sure your information is accurate with us by filling out an "Applicant Update Form" if anything changes.

What waiting list should I choose?

Thoroughly read over the program descriptions on the “Waiting List Description and Selection” page as the first step to filling out your pre-application.

What if I have special needs?

If you or another member of your household have a disability and you would like to submit a reasonable accommodation request, you may complete one during the application process or when you have received housing assistance. A copy of the Reasonable Accommodation Request form is available on our website, or you may pick one up at the main office located at 831 S. Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. We will need to contact a third party to verify your request, so please provide their fax number and a way to contact them so we can follow through with your request. Click here for the Reasonable Accommodation Form , then choose “Public Housing – Request for Reasonable Accommodations Form.”

May I add or remove others from my application?

Yes. Please fill out an "Applicant Update Form" to make any changes.

Can I be on more than one waiting list?

Yes. As long as the waiting lists are open, you can fill out a pre-application for them. Please note that if you applied for separate waiting lists your name may come to the top of the waiting lists at different times depending on the length of the waiting list and preferences.

Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply?

Assistance is limited to US citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status. A mixed family—a family with one or more ineligible family members and one or more eligible family members—may receive prorated assistance.

Are paper applications offered?

Beginning February 1st, 2016, we will only accept pre-applications online, at , for any Housing Programs that are currently open. Pre-applications will no longer be accepted in our office unless you need a Reasonable Accommodation. Online pre-applications can be filled out from any computer or smart-phone with internet access. This change allows for the pre-applications to be entered sooner and more accurately to better serve the community.

When will the Section 8 waiting list open?

The Section 8 waiting list will be opened annually for 2-4 days or as often as needed. We utilize a lottery system. All applications accepted during the open time frame will be randomly assigned a lottery number for selection when there are available vouchers. At the end of each lottery year, any remaining applications will be removed and families must reapply when the waiting list reopens.

How do I check my rank on the waiting list?

Please call 719-387-6700 and press 1 to check your status on the waiting lists for which you applied.